Brilliant! Headlamp Water Light

File Under: Why Didn't I Think of That! I know you're not a moron, but if you were, you'd be able to build this cool looking light source for your next camping trip.  Not that we ever use instructions, but the assembly is so simple no instructions need be provided.

Don't have a headlamp?  Why not?  Don't you need that 4rd hand when tightening a pipe or playling flashlight tag with the kids?  Get one. Get one here.

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The Irrefutable Truth

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Blood Feud: The Hatfields and the McCoys: The Epic Story of Murder and Vengeance

First off, there's nothing like holding an actual book and turning the actual pages.  Forget these Kindle and iPad books.  The point of reading a book is to get away from the electronic trance of the screen.  Additionally, you can physically pass on a good read to a friend.  That being said, this book is too good to lend out without a signed guarantee that it returns to your library.  The mini-series on the History Channel is just OK, at best, compared to this detailed account of the classic family feud between The Hatfields & The McCoys.  Seldom does the movie ever compare to the written account and this book more than supports that notion.

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Adidas Outdoor Boat / Water Shoe

These are sweet looking and practical!  Grippy, lightweight and breathable, these Adidas Boat CC Lace shoes feature Climacool to channel cooling comfort around your entire foot. Their mesh uppers keep your feet protected, and they dry quickly so your feet don't freeze when you stride into some tropical locale's air conditioning. The reinforced toe keeps you safe from rocks in the creek and soccer balls on the beach.

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Fujifilm X100 Digital Camera

The search is over.  Vintage meets state-of-the-art.  The Fujifilm X100 is the absolute best in it's class.  It's compact yet packed with every feature you'd want in a digital camera.  The X100 will perform as amazingly as it looks.  At the world's largest industry tradeshow (Photokina), Fujifilm unveiled the FinePix X100, a incredible camera with an SLR-size APS-C sensor and traditional analogue control dials, that hides ground-breaking technology inside a retro-styled body with looks to die for.

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GiiNii AudioBulb

It's a light bulb! No, it's a speaker!'s both!  It's an AudioBulb! Somewhat simply put, GiiNii has developed a wireless music and lighting system that revolutionizes how you play music throughout your home or office. Designed to work with iPods, iPhones, or an auxiliary input source, the patented idea came from the concept to combine something found in virtually every room (a light socket) with something people want in every room (music and light). AudioBulb lets you create two different zones, and configuring zones is about as simple as the initial set-up. Imagine sleeping in peace and quiet as other household members are up and about jamming to their favorite tunes in the next room. And, with a range of 50 to 100 feet (depending on environment) AudioBulb can reach from the entryway to the patio from a single base station.  The reviews are out and they are glowing! 

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Plantronics BackBeat Go Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset

Finally!  Wireless (bluetooth) headphones.  WTF took so long?  Plantronics, the industry leader in headsets, has created the best pair of wireless headsets at a reasonable price. For a running and music freak like me, I couldn't wait to get my hands on these. Best part about the BackBeat Go headphones?  The Sound Quality!  Worst part about them? Nothing! These are truly everything I was looking for and had been for years! BTW, these headphones act as and seamlessly replace the bluetooth headset you use for phone calls. 

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This spread might get more use than that spray of WD40 in your garage.  The applications are literally limitless.  I bought this spread almost 4 weeks ago and just ordered two more jars.  Sandwiches and dips are the most ideal uses, but it was also incredible on burgers.  I like the fact that no artificial flavors are used in this product.  It just a matter of time before this product/company gets bought out by Kraft or some big food manufacturer.  In the meantime, feel good about supporting a small business while giving you pallet the world's great taste!

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Smart Baby Monitor by Withings

Gone are the days of monitoring systems that we've all been accustomed to over the last 20 years.  Now, in conjunction with  our smart phones, we are able to hear and see that our little ones are resting peacefully.  But this device is WAY more that a video/audio monitoring unit.  Now you can speak to your baby and monitor the temperature in the room.  What's the range of the device? Good question! 300 yards? 1 miles? 15 miles? How about unlimited?  That benefit alone makes the device useable in an unlimited amount of applications. 

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Weston Non-Stick Hamburger Press

You are already a pro on the grill.  But you can still raise the level of your game with this hamburger press.  This well-made (constructed entirely of heavy-duty aluminum) press will allow you to create the consistent restaurant-style burgers that will look as good as they taste.  This press has a non-stick quality that is also easy to clean.  Another benefit to this press is the ability to adjust the thickness of the burgers.

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Vijay Singh Skips Ball Off Water [2009 / Hole-In-One][Video]

Incredible shot! There are various videos from different views of this shot, so it's definitely not doctored. Some (rich) golf enthusiasts say that they enjoy going to the practice rounds and the Par 3 challenge more so than the actual tournament. The players are more involved with the crowd and picture taking isn't prohibited. Pin It

Back-To-Basics Toaster / Egg Maker

For those groggy mornings when you don't really feeling like "making" breakfast and cold cereal just won't cut it.  Now you can prepare an Egg McMuffin without the trip to McDonald's.  You can also heat up sausage in the side piece.  Back-To-Basics has built their company on the foundation of making things more simple, like it used to be.  Also is available in 4 slices and 2 side pieces.

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Sixteenth-Century Italian Replica Globe Bar

Impress guests with the Old World charm of our elegant 22" diameter Italian-style globe bar, wrapped with replica 16th-century nautical maps from the National Museum of Science, Florence. Opening from its hinged meridian to reveal artistically hand-painted interior frescoes reminiscent of domed ceiling contraspecto ("view from the heavens"), our Toscano-exclusive work of furniture art boasts secure spots for your treasured bottles and glasses. A trio of handsome, turned hardwood legs rises from rolling casters and a circular lower shelf, allowing additional storage and a celebration that can be moved anywhere! Simple assembly required. 22"dia.x38.5"H. 21 lbs.

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Whistle Creek Survival Kit in a Sardine Can

25 survival items in a genuine air-tight, waterproof,crushproof sardine can. Go fish with a fishhook and line,find your way home with the compass, boil water in the canfor your tea with sugar, use the first aid supplies to survivethe wilderness. Even includes duct tape, matches, whistle,signal mirror, razor blade, fire starter cube, chewing gum,salt, and a safety pin. Put one in your car, motorcycle,fishing vest, backpack, bike, etc.Great gift item, and the price is right!

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Season of Life: A Football Star, A Boy, A Journey to Manhood

You wouldn't think a former pro football athlete could pen such a life-changing book about man's most important purpose in life; to love.  But that's exactly what former Indianapolis Colts captain Jeffrey Marx has done, and he won the Pulitzer Prize for doing so.  This book is a journey that all young or old men should join along in to learn how not to be afraid to look for, find, and feel love.  It's a beautiful contrast between hard hitting football and soft tender feelings.  Steve Moulton, from ESPN Radio, may have said it best, "This is a life-changing book.  You'd have to be a slug on a rock not to be impacted by the messages in this book."

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Autobiography of Mark Twain, Vol. 1

To be able to "get inside" a man's head and absorb, interpret, analyze, and relate to his thoughts, laments, notions, and theories, is an extreme privilege and rarity. To do such with a man, and I mean man, like Mark Twain is an opportunity that should not be optional to those who consider themselves of the intellectual nature.

From the publisher: Mark Twain is his own greatest character in this brilliant self-portrait, the first of three volumes collected by the Mark Twain Project on the centenary of the author's death. It is published complete and unexpurgated for the first time. (Twain wanted his more scalding opinions suppressed until long after his death.) Eschewing chronology and organization, Twain simply meanders from observation to anecdote and between past and present. There are gorgeous reminiscences from his youth of landscapes, rural idylls, and Tom Sawyeresque japes; acid-etched profiles of friends and enemies, from his "fiendish" Florentine landlady to the fatuous and "grotesque" Rockefellers; a searing polemic on a 1906 American massacre of Filipino insurgents; a hilarious screed against a hapless editor who dared tweak his prose; and countless tales of the author's own bamboozlement, unto bankruptcy, by publishers, business partners, doctors, miscellaneous moochers; he was even outsmarted by a wild turkey. Laced with Twain's unique blend of humor and vitriol, the haphazard narrative is engrossing, hugely funny, and deeply revealing of its author's mind. His is a world where every piety conceals fraud and every arcadia a trace of violence; he relishes the human comedy and reveres true nobility, yet as he tolls the bell for friends and family--most tenderly in an elegy for his daughter Susy, who died in her early 20s of meningitis--he feels that life is a pointless charade. Twain's memoirs are a pointillist masterpiece from which his vision of America--half paradise, half swindle--emerges with indelible force. 66 photos and line illus.

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Wewood Men's Limited Edition Jupiter Dual Movement Wooden Watch

This is a stunning watch made of 100% natural wood.  This dual movement timepiece is designed in Italy and is very light weight.  This classic analog layout is like no other watch you've ever known.  Just be sure to keep away from open an open flame.

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Motorola MH230R Two-Way Radio Set

There are numerous occasions when it's either necessary and/or helpful to have a quality set of 2-way radios.  Motorola has been the leader in the industry since it developed the first radio system designed specifically for military use.  For safety purposes alone, this is one investment worth making.  The Motorola MH230R has a range of 23 miles and 22 channel different channels. not including the 11 weather channels.  This is a gadget you'll find yourself using much more often that you have imagined.  This set comes with 2 MH230 Radios with Removable Belt Clips, Dual Drop-in Charger, Charging Adapter, and 2 NiMH rechargeable battery packs.

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Occidental Leather Stronghold Beltless System

A contraption like this comes in handy every time you have a project of any size.  One this well-made will assist you in fixing, building, and constructing for years and years.  It's 25 pockets and tool holders keep your most commonly used tools at your fingertips. The ergonomically designed system will help evenly distribute the load and help with alleviation of back pain common when carry too much.

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The Dangerous Book For Boys: Hal Iggulden

This is an extraordinary book that belongs on the bookshelves of all men with sons.  The time we have to spend with our sons is never enough.  Therefore the activities we do with them during this time is priceless.  This book is a blueprint of hundreds of various things that all boys and men should know about and understand.  From building a tree house, to performing magic tricks, to building a fire, to playing paper football; these are just several of the hundreds of cool things to do together.  Few books have the potential, like this book, to be passed down from generation to generation.  If you've ever thought to yourself, "I wish my son would get away from the video games and iPads and learn what it is really like to be a young boy!", then this book is the answer you've been looking for.  WARNING: Be prepared to feel like a young kid again. 

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Nest Enrgy Saving Thermostat

This in the most intuitive device to come along in a long time.  The most important feature that separates this thermostat from others is it's ability to learn!  Although you tried countless times, you might not be able to teach your wife to turn out the lights upstairs when coming downstairs.  But what the Nest can do is sense when you left the house and adjust the temperature accordingly.  When you see the green leaf icon on the display, that means Nest is saving you money you otherwise wouldn't being saving with the thermostat you currently use.  Less than a year the Nest could/should pay for itself.  Not unlike the iPhone, the Nest is beautiful designed and easy to use.

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Allen Edmonds Men's McAllister Wing Tip

The wing tip shoe is the classic shoe to finalize a casual or fancy style.  The McAllister wing tip from Allen Edmond's is their finest model.  If you are for some reason unfamiliar with Allen Edmond's, then be prepared to meet the finest manufacturer in men's footwear.  This style comes in a dark cherry and a black, but this natural look is flawless in my opinion.  These pair will come with a dust bag and with the occasional shining will last you decades.

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Smith & Wesson Special Ops M-9 Bayonet Special Force Knife

This is a painted stainless 7.8" blade with a 5" handle.  This knife comes with a Removable Map Pouch, Screwdriver, Sharpening Stone, Belt Clip (the blade & scabbard lock together to become an awesome wire cutter.  Great stand alone knife or can be attached as a bayonet.  If you don't own a knife and feel like you should own one, this is the perfect knife.  This is also a great knife to add to any collection.  

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Showtime's Award Winning Drama Series: Homeland (2011)

The creators of the FOX hit 24 have created another, perhaps more rich drama on Showtime.  Season 1 is in the books and this critically acclaimed series has developed a strong following from fans and those handing out awards.  Calire Daines and Damien Lewis are excellent in this cast and are not only supported by other wonderful actors, but the written script is genius and thrill filled to say the least.  Get on board now because this series, like 24, will be around for years to come.

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The Ultimate Travel Jacket (Orvis)

This jacket will suit you well if you plan on traveling to local hiking trail or to a safari in Africa.  It's a practical, yet limitless coat that has more options than a college quarterback.  23 outside pockets, 5 inside.  Removable hood AND sleeves.  Perhaps most importantly, Orvis makes their clothes and gear incredibly well and it's not uncommon for their products to last a lifetime. 

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