Nike+ Fuel Band (Nike Fuelband)

The wait is over.  The Nike+ Fuel Band is finally available.  Perhaps more anticipated than the new iPhone or iPad, the Fuel Band has been coveted by fitness fanatics for over a year now.  If you're unfamiliar with the Fuel Band, then be prepared to have your mind blown.

The Nike+ Fuel Band tracks your activity throughout the day, converting it to NikeFuel to track how active you are. The Nike+ Fuel Band uses a built-in accelerometer to track movements, counting steps and calories as well as NikeFuel. The Nike+ Fuel Band tracks all activity, even non-sport activities for a complete view of your movements throughout the day. NikeFuel is a proprietary measurement of activity created by Nike that allows you to track your progress, set goals and compare and compete with friends via the NikeFuel app for iOS or the Nike+ web site.

Tell the NIke+ app how active you want to be during the day and the Nike+ Fuel Band will keep you updated throughout the day with its LED display. Red lights mean you need to be more active, while green lights mean you're on track. Compete with friends, track your progress and earn trophies for beating your goals. Just beat a personal best? Use the Nike+ app to share your accomplishments via Twitter and Facebook. The Nike+ Fuel Band connects to your computer via USB or to your cell phone via Bluetooth. Featuring 4 days worth of charge time, the Nike+ Fuel Band can be charged at night and used non-stop without worrying about the battery.

The Nike+ Fuel Band utilizes the latest technologies to deliver its magic. Featuring a 3-axis accelerometer and ambient light sensor, the Fuel Band tracks movement and reacts to your environment. 20 color LED lights show you your progress and status, while 100 white LED's provide in-depth information such as steps taken, calories, Nike Fuel and of course the time. Use the Nike+ Fuel Band to track your activity or use it just as a watch; it's up to you. Simply press the button and cycle through all of the different features, or hold down the button for advanced features like airplane mode.

The Fuel Band is water-resistant so you don't need to worry about running in the rain or taking a quick shower. The Nike+ Fuel Band comes with its own USB cable and stand, as well as 8mm and 16mm extension links to provide the best fit possible.

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